Abbeville Opera House



 A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas (Top) Meg Genevie as Mary Ingalls, Kelsey Eller as Carrie Ingalls, Elyse LeRoy as Laura Ingalls (Front) Monique Sacay-Bagwell as Caroline Ingalls and Tony Dunlap as Charles Ingalls   DECEMBER 2005

Beau Jeste (From left to right) Lisa McConnell as Sarah, Andy Omundson as Bob, Brad Christie as Chris, Michael Genevie as Abe, MaryJane Swygert as Miriam and David Eller as Joel  AUGUST 2004

Bus Stop (From left to right) Kenny Capps as Cal, Wendy Capps as Grace, David Eller as Dr. Lyman, Sommer Cox as Elma, Al Johnson as Will Masters, Vicki Huffman as Cherie, Rick Dettmann as Virgil and Brad Christie as Bo Decker. OCTOBER 2004


      The Importance of Being Earnest         (Seated) MaryAnne Canaday as Lady Bracknell, Ruth Freeman as MissPrism, David Canaday as Rev. Chasuble (Standing) Evan Winans as Algernon, Amy Lou Jones as Gwendolen, Kenny Capps as Merriman, Wendy Capps as the Maid, Mark Meyers as Lane, Sommer Cox as Cecily and Jonathan D.Thomas as John Worthing.  NOVEMBER 2004

   The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  The Herdmans (clockwise from center) Rick Patterson as Claude, Lindsey Dutton as Ollie, Katie Simpson as Imogene, Kelsey Eller as Gladys, Andrew Morris as Ralph and Wesley Hill as Leroy. DECEMBER 2004

Always ... Patsy Cline (Rehearsal Photo) Lisa McConnell as Louise, Musical Director Tony Dunlap and MaryJane  Swygert as Patsy. JUNE 2005

Hollywood Arms (Front) Ruth Freeman as Doris, Kelsey Eller as Alice, Marf Shopmyer as Nanny, (Second row) Grace McWhite as Older Helen, Gloria Christie as Louise, Meg Genevie as Younger Helen (Top row) Rick Patterson as Malcolm, Brad Christie as Bill and David Eller as Jody. SEPTEMBER 2005

Foxfire (Front row) Lisa McConnell as Holly, Al Johnson as The Doctor, Terry Gilchrist as Prince, David Eller as Hector, MaryAnne Canaday as Annie and David Nixon as Dillard.  AUGUST 2005

Oklahoma (Rehearsal Photo) Rebecca Grice as Laurie and David Nixon as Curley JANUARY 2005

The Man Who Came to Dinner (Cast Photo from Front to Back) Brendan Fitzpatrick, David Canaday, Mark Meyers, Brad Christie, Peter Pirkel, Ruth Freeman, Donna Aleman, Mary Elizabeth Land, Shannon Sears, Judy Cannon, Shannon Temple,  Al Al Johnson, Rick Dettmann, MaryAnne Canaday, Jerry Solomon, Norma Solomon and Grace McWhite.  OCTOBER  2005


   The Drawer Boy Peter Pirkel as Miles, David Eller as Morgan and Michael Genevie as Angus JULY 2006

                                                                                          Hank Williams:  Lost Highway                                                                                                                                                Gus Wilson as Tee Tot and David Nixon as Hank Williams August 2006
Anne of Green Gables with Alice Gilchrist as Rachel, Meg Genevie as Anne and Terry Ghilchrist as Matthew September 2006






    Dracula David Eller as Count Dracula & Kimberly Yates as Lucy October 2006

                                                                                                              Anne of Green Gables  Meg Genevie stars as Anne Shirley                    September 2006



ANNIE  Annie and the Orphans September 2012



ANNIE Sydney Wells as Annie and Terry Gilchrist as Daddy Warbucks

September 2012

ANNIE Lisa McConeell as Lily, Robert Bullock as Rooster and MaryJane Swygert as Miss Hannigan September 2012


DEATHTRAP Lisa McConnell as    July 2012